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Challenges of Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges facing your business is that of Recruitment. Whether you are looking to fill an entry level position, or you are seeking to fill a key strategic executive role that will move your business to that next level. Recruitment can be a pain point for many businesses. For most businesses’ recruitment is complicated and challenging for the following reasons:

  • Recruitment is Time Consuming – You can spend countless hours looking for candidates that have the right skill set, experience, qualifications, motivation and engagement levels that are a fit for your business. While you are focusing on this task, it takes away valuable time from other aspects of running your business. Often businesses will settle for the wrong candidate which will have significant implications for a business both in the short and the long term.
  • Recruitment can be expensive – From hard tangible costs such as job postings and recruitment fees to intangible and difficult to measure costs such as lost business, poor customer service, lost productivity, low morale and employee engagement.
  • The Competitive Employment Market – Your business can end up wasting time, money, and energy on candidates that won’t join your organization.
  • Recruitment is a Marketing and Branding Exercise – In a competitive job market you need to market and brand career opportunities with your organization. You need to make the candidate experience engaging, informative, timely and professional. The candidates that you do not hire may be potential customers or clients in the future. The candidate experience is critical and an important part of marketing your business or organization.
  • Compensation & Benefits – Often this can be very difficult for a business to determine the true value of an open or newly created position. This can make recruiting challenging if your compensation and benefits are not in alignment with current market conditions.
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We differ from other recruitment services. We do not charge a placement fee. You only pay for the time we spend on the recruitment of your positions. Our fee structure is negotiable dependent upon the complexity of the hire.

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Callahan HR Solutions can assist you with all of these challenges by making your recruitment process, efficient, cost effective, timely and add value to your bottom line. Let us help you with your Recruitment Challenges!